Unlikely Friends ~ “Slipaway”

Husband and wife, Julia Butler, and Daniel Mentz, presents Slipaway at Prescott Film Festival. The most unlikely duo becomes the best of friends on a self-discovery journey.

The film takes two different generations and puts them together at a time when their lives are struggling. They must overcome their differences in age, personality, and more. The journey takes them to becoming best friends while supporting each other’s dreams.

The script develops from Mentz’s visit with Gwen Davis, author. He personally delivers a keyboard he sold to her on Craigslist. The visit became an all day adventure with cookies, tea, and scrapbooks. She told stories about hanging out on location with the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant. Butler developed the screenplay after an evening of Mentz regaling the day’s adventures. She is inspired by Davis’ stories and life.

Mentz states, “We wanted to bring this message to the foreground, that relationships whether romantic or platonic do not have to be in the same age category. Relationships in different generations are not really discussed.” The movie takes on generational struggles and friendships that assist with making dreams come true.

Fall, actress Elaine Partnow

Fall, actress Elaine Partnow, brings a lot to the role. Mentz says, “She brought the character to life much more than we could ever imagine.” Partnow brings Fall to life with details that are specific to Fall’s her generation. Partnow presents the need to be private and dressing up before leaving the house. Just a few details Partnow presents throughout the film that bring her generation to light.

Adam, actor Jesse Pepe

Adam, actor Jesse Pepe, presents with his own story and struggle from the start. His past is still very present. This takes precedence over Adam and Fall’s individual dreams. Adam was not onboard with Fall’s concept of dreaming in life,

Adam: “It’s a little cheesy, don’t you think?”

Fall: “Cheesy? Well, guess that means my whole life has been… cheesy.”

Mentz and Butler’s first feature film brings an unlikely pair together that takes you on a lifetime journey of self-discovery, laughter, and dreams.


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Film Awards: 

Best Feature Film Pasadena International Film Festival

Audience Choice – Heart of the Festival Sedona International Film Festival

Best Feature Screenplay Amsterdam Film Festival

Best Family Film IFS Film Festival

Best Feature Narrative Irvine International Film Festival

Best Feature All Genre Los Angeles Independent Film Festival

Best Original Score Milledgeville Film Festival

Best Actor Elaine Partnow Mindfield Film Festival Los Angeles

Best Feature Film NYC Indie Film Awards

Best Director NYC Indie Film Awards

Best Actress NYC Indie Film Awards

Best Score NYC Indie Film Awards

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