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Festival de Cannes 2011, du 11 au 22 mai 2011 4Chion Lifestyle
Festival de Cannes 2011 Courtesy Cannes Film Festival 

Cannes Film Festival continues to be a strong influence for film with recognition of students and short films. Julianne Moore states on the red carpet this evening, “It is the most important film festival in the world. Cinéfondation and short film selections is perfect for young film directors. This is a location to demonstrate the strong upcoming talent.

Cinéfondation created in 1998 is devoted to the search for new talent, sometimes referred to as head hunting for talented young directors. Gilles Jacob began this initiative and continued to over see this selection until 2015.

There is a selection of  fifteen to twenty short and medium-length films each year from film schools all over the world. This year Palme D’or (short films) and Cinéfondation includes several animated films and a few anticipated world premieres.

This year’s jury is presided by President Cristian Mungiu. He is a Romanian filmmaker and writer. He is well-known at Cannes. 2007 he received the Golden Palm for his film 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 DaysThe jury includes a world-wide representation:

Barry Jenkins Tarell Alvin McCraney Oscars 2017
Barry Jenkins Tarell Alvin McCraney Oscars 2017
  • Clotilde HESME Actress (France)
  • Barry JENKINS Director, screenwriter, and Academy Award Winner (United States)
  • Eric KHOO Director, screenwriter, producer (Singapore)
  • Athina Rachel TSANGARI Director, screenwriter, producer (Greece)

Cinéfondation and Short Jury awards a prize to the best three at an official ceremony Friday, May, 26th at the Buñuel Theatre, which will be followed by a screening of the winning films.

This year’s films include:

Palme D’or Short Film Titles

A Drowning Man Cannes 4Chion Lifestyle
A Drowning Man Cannes Film Festival 2017 Courtesy Cannes Film Festival 
    • Director Mahdi FLEIFEL
    • Actors Mahdi FLEIFEL, Jalal QANIRY, Rebih EL-SALEOUS, Mounir ALKHATEEB, Thymios KOUKIOS
    • Country Denmark, United Kingdom, Greece
    • Synopsis Alone and far from home, The Kid makes his way through a strange city looking for the means to get through his day. Surrounded by predators he is forced to make compromises merely to survive, his life of exile grows one day longer.
    • Director Fiona GODIVIER
    • Actors Summer Phoenix, Timothy V. Murphy, Preston Bailey
    • Country USA, FRENCH
    • Synopsis  Father and son ‘minutemen’ patrol the American/Mexican border near their home in Nogales, Arizona.
    • Trailer
    • Director Andrés RAMIREZ PULIDO
    • Actors Magaly Lopez, Yaneth Sanchez
    • Country Colombia
    • Synopsis Deep inside the jungle, a group of teenage girls are being kept under supervision. Despite abandonment and hostility, Damiana hopes she can get in touch with her father.
    • Trailer
The Ceiling Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
The Ceiling Courtesy Cannes Film Festival 
  •  KATTO (The Ceiling)
    • Director Teppo AIRAKSINEN
    • Actors Inna Bodson, Juho Milonoff, Pekka Strang
    • Country Finland
    • Synopsis On the brink of divorce a middle aged man, Olavi, retreats to his cabin by the lake. After a few days he finds that the ceiling has come down making him unable to stand up straight. His friend Tuomas arrives and insists that something has to be done whereas Olavi is content with the limited space.
  •  KONIEC WIDZENIA (Time to go)
    • Director Grzegorz MOŁDA 
    • Country Poland
    • Synopsis Marta works at her father’s automobile repair shop. After her boyfriend is arrested, Marta is faced with a difficult choice: to stay loyal to her father, or to do what it takes to get her boyfriend released. Marta’s situation is complicated by a secret that she needs to reveal to both of the men in her life.
    • Director Alireza GHASEMI 
    • Actors Roya Bakhtiyari, Siavash Cheraghipoor,Khorshid Cheraghipour
    • Country Iran
    • Synopsis  A 16-year-old girl has come to the hospital to identify the body of her mother. The people in charge at the hospital – due to her young age – won’t let her into the morgue.
  •  PÉPÉ LE MORSE – animation (Grandpa Walrus)
Push It Cannes 4Chion Lifestyle
Push It Courtesy Cannes Film Festival 
  •  PUSH IT
    • Director Julia THELIN
    • Actors Geneth Gurmu, Jeremiah Jeppson, Emilia Azar
    • Country Sweden
    • Synopsis PUSH IT is a film about never being able to win, even though you’re the best. Hedda tries to approach Adam in every way she can, but everything she does turns out wrong. But Adam gets to break all the rules. PUSH IT explores structures, physicality, identity and emotions. With the gym hall as its arena. 
  •  XIAO CHENG ER YUE (A Gentle Night)
    • Director QIU Yang
    • Country China
    • Synopsis  In a nameless Chinese city, a mother with her daughter missing, refuses to go gentle into this good night.
    • Trailer

Cinéfondation Film Titles

ATLANTÍDA, 2003 (Atlantis, 2003) Cannes 4Chion Lifestyle
ATLANTÍDA, 2003 (Atlantis, 2003) Courtesy Cannes Film Festival 
  •  ATLANTÍDA, 2003 (Atlantis, 2003)
    • Director Michal BLAŠKO
    • Actors Elizaveta Maximová, Levan Mania, and Vladislav Šarišský
    • Country  Iran
    • Synopsis  Martin and Denisija, a young couple from Ukraine, are trying to get to Germany.
    • Trailer
  •  LEJLA
    • Director Stijn BOUMA
    • Actors Lejla Hadžić, Vedad Terzić, and  Slobodan Čabaković
    • Country Bosnia and Herzegovina | Netherlands 
    • Synopsis  Lejla, a young woman from Sarajevo, takes care of her elderly father and feels stuck in her life. One day she meets Vedad and they fall in love. He offers her the chance of leaving with him, but she’s unsure of what’s best for her future.
VAZIO DO LADO DE FORA (Empty on the Outside) Cannes 4Chion LIfestyle
VAZIO DO LADO DE FORA (Empty on the Outside) Courtesy Cannes Film Festival 
  •  VAZIO DO LADO DE FORA (Empty on the Outside)
    • Director Eduardo BRANDÃO PINTO
    • Actors Dja MARTHINS, Claudia BARBOT, Samara COSTA, Hugo GRATIVOL, Lorena BLANES, Ana Rosa OLIVEIRA, Thais THEDIM, Wilian SANTIAGO, Rollo ROLLO, Jorge Luiz, JERONYMO, Beatriz GOMES, Eddie MIRANDA, Leonardo SERRA, Augusto FONTES JR, Maria DA PENHA, and Kiko ANDRADE
    • Country Brazil
    • Synopsis  After the demolition of the houses and streets, the bodies or the life in pieces remained. There, a girl got ready for a party, a lady prayed, a daughter doubled shirts, a couple counted stars, a boy jumped on a bicycle, another onde danced with his turtle. Film recorded at Vila Autódromo, a community that resisted the devastation in Rio in 2016 during the Olympics.
    • Trailer
    • Director Aya IGASHI
    • Country Japan
    • Synopsis  A couple is flirting in the classroom. Sitting on the other’s lap, kissing… Mako sits looking disgruntled. She leaves the classroom, passes through a path between paddy fields in the countryside, and arrives at a river. She then jumps into the river from the bridge still in uniform.
    • Trailer
Afternoon Clouds Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
Afternoon Clouds Courtesy Cannes Film Festival 
    • Director Payal KAPADIA
    • Country India
    • Synopsis Afternoon Clouds depicts a 60-year old widow, who lives with her Nepali maid, Malati. The entire movie revolves around a single afternoon in their house. This film features Usha Naik and Trimala Adhikari.  
  •  À PERDRE HALEINE (To Lose Haleine)
    • Director Léa KRAWCZYK
    • Country France 
    • Director Imge ÖZBILGE
    • Country Indonesia | Turkey | Belgium
    • Synopsis  Camouflage tells the story of a forbidden friendship blossoming in a secret garden in the city where the East meets the West.This animated short inspired by Ottoman Miniatures and Hieronymus Bosch takes the audience to a mysterious and surreal world which is a reflection of the director reality.
    • Trailer
PEQUEÑO MANIFIESTO EN CONTRA DEL CINE SOLEMNE (Little Manifesto Against Solemn Cinema) Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
PEQUEÑO MANIFIESTO EN CONTRA DEL CINE SOLEMNE (Little Manifesto Against Solemn Cinema) Courtesy Cannes Film Festival 
  •  PEQUEÑO MANIFIESTO EN CONTRA DEL CINE SOLEMNE (Little Manifesto Against Solemn Cinema)
  •  LÁTHATATLANUL (Invisibly)
  •  DEUX ÉGARÉS SONT MORTS (Two Egars are Dead)
    • Director Tommaso USBERTI
    • Country France
    • Synopsis  In a wild landscape, Vera and Matteo live their first date of love. The girl’s father surprises them and assaults the boy. At the end of a fierce fight Matteo knocks down the man. Vera asks the boy to take her to dance. Matteo, shaken, runs away.
  •  YIN SHIAN BIEN JIAN GON LU (Towards the Sun)

Uma Thurman states on the red carpet this evening , “I love this festival. It is keeping cinema alive.” These young talented directors are provided international exposure to the top film festival.  You can see the screening guide here.

This film festival is May 17-28, 2017 in Cannes, France. This year will continue to evolve film worldwide. Stay tune here for coverage of events from fashion, red carpet, actresses/actors, and films.


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